Lifecasting vs. Mindcasting on Twitter

I don’t know how many times of I’ve had this conversation: ME: Are you on Twitter? THEM: No. I’m just n0t really interested that some guy I follow is having a tuna sandwich for lunch. I’ve heard similar comments on podcasts like TWiT and Gillmor Gang from people who are widely viewed as celebrities inContinue reading “Lifecasting vs. Mindcasting on Twitter”

Are embargoes going dodo?

Twitter has replaced Techmeme as my favourite source for knowing what’s hot at this very moment. That’s because people tend to talk on the microblogging tool before they take actions that require more time or commitment such as blogging or starting a Facebook group. When I checked Twitscoop this afternoon to see what was hotContinue reading “Are embargoes going dodo?”

Has Obama Twittered his last Tweet?

I’ve heard that if you keep a birdfeeder in the fall, you need to keep it stocked through the winter, else the birds that have come to rely on your feed will die. It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes, from St. ExupĂ©ry’s Le Petit Prince: “Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ceContinue reading “Has Obama Twittered his last Tweet?”