The five tribes of social media

Just came across a terrific post from my friend Sean Moffitt at his Buzz Canuck blog. Sean argues that there are five basic character types swimming around the social media fish bowl – each speaking a different language and each having a fundamentally different understanding of what is social media. He writes: The fact thatContinue reading “The five tribes of social media”

The inspirational quote I would have shared

I messed up. Each Friday, we finish up our weekly staff meetings with an inspirational quote. For the first time it was my turn. And I completely forgot. I was going to use a quote from Bill Bernbach — the “B” in ad agency DDB. I like the guy. I refer to him and hisContinue reading “The inspirational quote I would have shared”

How to get Social Media Smart

I just made a presentation to business and marketing students from across Ontario at the Queen’s Marketing Association Conference. My topic: How to get Social Media Smart. My thesis was simple: You’re into marketing. You want to work in marketing. Social Media Marketing is huge and growing and if you’re not already active in thisContinue reading “How to get Social Media Smart”

Twittersquatting targets General Motors

General Motors unveiled a major, global social media campaign last week to mark the company’s 100th birthday. The platform, called GMnext, includes a commitment to allow/encourage its employees to participate in discussions about the company though blogs, wikis and discussion forums. In a blog post about GMnext, Shel Holtz refers to the recent discussion aboutContinue reading “Twittersquatting targets General Motors”

Does the world need any more predictions?

I decided to start 2008 off right. The first thing I did on arrival in the office (after checking my Twitter feed as per New Year’s Resolutions post) was to read through the various 2008 predictions for technology and social media. You can find them tagged as “2008predictions” on my page. So clearly, there’sContinue reading “Does the world need any more predictions?”

Lessons in social media from a horse on a stick

When I arrived at Veritas, with a mission to spread the social media gospel within the organization as well as outside, I began writing a weekly e-mail to my colleagues which I uncreatively called “Social Media 101.” I churned out two of them before I got sidetracked by other things. I hope this blog isContinue reading “Lessons in social media from a horse on a stick”

Facebook fumble: How can the poster child for social media conversations be so bad at it?

Back when I was working as a reporter, I was struck by the fact that the companies with the strongest brands are sometimes the worst at public relations. I won’t name names, but suffice to say that some of Canada’s most iconic brands are among them. The most recent (non-Canadian) example is Facebook, which hadContinue reading “Facebook fumble: How can the poster child for social media conversations be so bad at it?”

Causing a com.motion

This a very exciting day for all of us here at Veritas. Today we have formally launched com.motion, our social media division. Our offerings include: Blogger relations and blogger events Online reputation management Social networking campaigns (Facebook, etc). Building movements online through the proprietary Grassroots Multiplier Social Media Releases Blogs and podcasts As part ofContinue reading “Causing a com.motion”