Facebook marketing: Effective but picky

We recently administered a Facebook campaign for one of our clients with a social ad directing users to a fan page and a microsite. The results have been terrific. But getting the thing set up was a bit of a comedy of errors. When I first submitted the social ad copy, I was told itContinue reading “Facebook marketing: Effective but picky”

How to get Social Media Smart

I just made a presentation to business and marketing students from across Ontario at the Queen’s Marketing Association Conference. My topic: How to get Social Media Smart. My thesis was simple: You’re into marketing. You want to work in marketing. Social Media Marketing is huge and growing and if you’re not already active in thisContinue reading “How to get Social Media Smart”

Sorry Scoble: You don’t own your friends

Who owns your friends: You or Facebook? Robert Scoble, the big time Web celeb and co-author of Naked Conversations, has been kicked off Facebook for violating the site’s terms of service. In a post about the move today, Scoble admits he was running scripts on the site (apparently in violation of Facebook’s terms of service)Continue reading “Sorry Scoble: You don’t own your friends”

The is isn’t on Facebook

A couple weeks back, I reported that the much-hated “is” on Facebook’s status line was going to disappear so awkward sentences like “Keith is loving Burrito Boyz” could be replaced by the much more sensible “Keith loves Burrito Boyz.” Problem is the is still was. But now it’s not. Thanks to Rich Bloom for pointingContinue reading “The is isn’t on Facebook”

Facebook fumble: How can the poster child for social media conversations be so bad at it?

Back when I was working as a reporter, I was struck by the fact that the companies with the strongest brands are sometimes the worst at public relations. I won’t name names, but suffice to say that some of Canada’s most iconic brands are among them. The most recent (non-Canadian) example is Facebook, which hadContinue reading “Facebook fumble: How can the poster child for social media conversations be so bad at it?”

Is was and has been on Facebook

Much excitement in the blogosphere today about news that Facebook is eliminating the requirement that users build their status updates around the word “is.” Effective tonight, status entries such as Keith McArthur is blogging, Keith McArthur is tired and Keith McArthur is writing a press release can be replaced with gems like Keith McArthur blogs,Continue reading “Is was and has been on Facebook”

Fun with Facebook Flyers

Before I switched careers, I did a big feature in the Globe and Mail on Facebook marketing. At the time, Mike Murphy, Facebook’s vice president of media sales, told me that while Facebook could theoretically target ads to consumers based on the personal data they entered into the site — hobbies, political leanings, favourite TVContinue reading “Fun with Facebook Flyers”

Facebook is dead; long live Facebook

There’s much debate on the blogosphere today about whether Facebook is dead or dying. The latest U.S. Comscore statistics suggest that Facebook’s unstoppable climb is, well, stopping. The numbers point to a 9.3 percent decline in unique visitors and 3.8 percent decline in page views compared with August. But before we bury the social networkContinue reading “Facebook is dead; long live Facebook”