Another take on the Social Media Release

We had the pleasure this week of launching another Social Media Release (SMR), this time to mark NutriSystem’s arrival in the Canadian market. Meanwhile, Craig McGill, a British journalist and author, challenged some of the assumptions about SMRs, based on the one we created for com.motion’s launch. He had some very kind words to sayContinue reading “Another take on the Social Media Release”

A press release you can’t send through snail mail

I’ve written a handful of press releases since I arrived at Veritas. I must have read thousands of press releases as a reporter — out of hundreds of thousands that I received through e-mail, fax and even good old fashioned snail mail. Much has been written about the press release lately — from Tom Foremski’sContinue reading “A press release you can’t send through snail mail”

com.motion Poll – Part 1

When we launched com.motion, our new social media division, we knew we wanted to get coverage in traditional media outlets. After all, breakthrough public relations is what Veritas is known for. And indeed, we received great coverage in outlets including the National Post, Marketing Magazine, CBC Radio, CFRB and the Globe and Mail. But weContinue reading “com.motion Poll – Part 1”

Causing a com.motion

This a very exciting day for all of us here at Veritas. Today we have formally launched com.motion, our social media division. Our offerings include: Blogger relations and blogger events Online reputation management Social networking campaigns (Facebook, etc). Building movements online through the proprietary Grassroots Multiplier Social Media Releases Blogs and podcasts As part ofContinue reading “Causing a com.motion”