This year’s hottest Christmas toy will surprise you

Forget what you’ve heard about the hottest toy this Christmas being the Barbie Girls MP3 Player, the Transformers Movie Ultimate Bumblebee or even Guitar Hero 3. According to, the hottest toy this Christmas is an 8-pack of alkaline batteries. Really. Think of all those little kids who will wake up on Christmas morning wonderingContinue reading “This year’s hottest Christmas toy will surprise you”

The is isn’t on Facebook

A couple weeks back, I reported that the much-hated “is” on Facebook’s status line was going to disappear so awkward sentences like “Keith is loving Burrito Boyz” could be replaced by the much more sensible “Keith loves Burrito Boyz.” Problem is the is still was. But now it’s not. Thanks to Rich Bloom for pointingContinue reading “The is isn’t on Facebook”

Lessons in social media from a horse on a stick

When I arrived at Veritas, with a mission to spread the social media gospel within the organization as well as outside, I began writing a weekly e-mail to my colleagues which I uncreatively called “Social Media 101.” I churned out two of them before I got sidetracked by other things. I hope this blog isContinue reading “Lessons in social media from a horse on a stick”

A press release you can’t send through snail mail

I’ve written a handful of press releases since I arrived at Veritas. I must have read thousands of press releases as a reporter — out of hundreds of thousands that I received through e-mail, fax and even good old fashioned snail mail. Much has been written about the press release lately — from Tom Foremski’sContinue reading “A press release you can’t send through snail mail”

Facebook fumble: How can the poster child for social media conversations be so bad at it?

Back when I was working as a reporter, I was struck by the fact that the companies with the strongest brands are sometimes the worst at public relations. I won’t name names, but suffice to say that some of Canada’s most iconic brands are among them. The most recent (non-Canadian) example is Facebook, which hadContinue reading “Facebook fumble: How can the poster child for social media conversations be so bad at it?”

com.motion Poll – Part 1

When we launched com.motion, our new social media division, we knew we wanted to get coverage in traditional media outlets. After all, breakthrough public relations is what Veritas is known for. And indeed, we received great coverage in outlets including the National Post, Marketing Magazine, CBC Radio, CFRB and the Globe and Mail. But weContinue reading “com.motion Poll – Part 1”

Marg Delahunty confronts bigtime ad execs on YouTube

When I covered the airline industry at the Globe and Mail, I got to write about some great characters, including Robert Milton, Clive Beddoe, Mark Hill, Michel Leblanc and Angus Kinnear. But that was nothing compared to the characters I encountered when I moved over to covering the advertising business. One of the biggest personalitiesContinue reading “Marg Delahunty confronts bigtime ad execs on YouTube”

Causing a com.motion

This a very exciting day for all of us here at Veritas. Today we have formally launched com.motion, our social media division. Our offerings include: Blogger relations and blogger events Online reputation management Social networking campaigns (Facebook, etc). Building movements online through the proprietary Grassroots Multiplier Social Media Releases Blogs and podcasts As part ofContinue reading “Causing a com.motion”

PR people, journalists, bloggers: How they stack up in high-mindedness and credibility

As a PR guy (I mean communications professional) who only recently left journalism, I was interested to read my former colleague Jeffrey Simpson’s take on the difference between the two jobs. It’s contained in his Saturday column about Brian Mulroney (paid subscription required). He writes: “Mr. Lavoie, fondly remembered as talented journalist some years ago,Continue reading “PR people, journalists, bloggers: How they stack up in high-mindedness and credibility”

Is was and has been on Facebook

Much excitement in the blogosphere today about news that Facebook is eliminating the requirement that users build their status updates around the word “is.” Effective tonight, status entries such as Keith McArthur is blogging, Keith McArthur is tired and Keith McArthur is writing a press release can be replaced with gems like Keith McArthur blogs,Continue reading “Is was and has been on Facebook”