Help me get the terrible Songsmith jingle out of my head

I still can’t believe this is real. But apparently this is an actual promotional video created by Microsoft’s research team to promote its Songsmith tool – a piece of software that creates accompaniment while you sing along. It’s so bad it’s good and I can’t get the terrible jingle out of my head. According toContinue reading “Help me get the terrible Songsmith jingle out of my head”

Sage advice from Bush daughters

Who would have thought that on the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration, the most eloquent words would come from the Bush camp? In an open letter published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, Jenna and Barbara Bush offered their advice to Obama’s children Sasha and Malia. In addition to offering tips like having fun byContinue reading “Sage advice from Bush daughters”

Celebrate inauguration day with a Brazilian wax!

Here’s a clever promotion from Toronto salon and spa Ritual. The “Bye Bye Bush” promotion offers 20% off Brazilian waxes tomorrow only. It’s a way Canadians can get in on the fun and bid riddance to unwanted bushes (Bushes?) of all types. The Huffington Post reported Friday on a similar promotion in NYC. Townhouse SpaContinue reading “Celebrate inauguration day with a Brazilian wax!”

Spreading com.motion south

Big news this week from com.motion. As many of you know, I joined Veritas Communications in 2007 to build and launch a social media division. Year one has been a great success with a portfolio of cool projects for an impressive roster of clients including Staples, NutriSystem, Trojan Condoms, Genworth Financial, Hungry-Man and Boomerang Tracking.Continue reading “Spreading com.motion south”

Newspapers need to get social or die

My heart goes out to my former colleagues at the Globe and Mail today. The newspaper announced that it needs to cut its workforce by about 10 per cent, cutting 80 to 90 jobs from its 800-person staff. Roughly half will come from the editorial department. The immediate impact on employees may not be quiteContinue reading “Newspapers need to get social or die”

Social media marketing turns 10

The rather clumsy Wikipedia entry for social media doesn’t provide a date for the birth of the idea, but 1999 is as good a year as any. That’s the year that Chris Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger and Rick Levine published 95 theses that they called the cluetrain manifesto, an outline of how they feltContinue reading “Social media marketing turns 10”

Are embargoes going dodo?

Twitter has replaced Techmeme as my favourite source for knowing what’s hot at this very moment. That’s because people tend to talk on the microblogging tool before they take actions that require more time or commitment such as blogging or starting a Facebook group. When I checked Twitscoop this afternoon to see what was hotContinue reading “Are embargoes going dodo?”