Has the orderly Web replaced the chaotic one?

Was 2010 the year the web grew up? In today’s Globe and Mail, Ivor Tossell writes (link not available) that — WikiLeaks, ChatRoulette and Anonymous DDoS attacks notwithstanding — this will be remembered as the year when order finally trumped chaos on the Web. Yes, the world was enthralled with Chatroulette in March but hadContinue reading “Has the orderly Web replaced the chaotic one?”

The Social Network: Three things you should know – and one you shouldn’t – before you go

The Social Network opens today to rave reviews. I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview earlier this week thanks to Zaigham Zulqernain and  Xavierpop.com. Is the movie worth seeing? Absolutely. This is truly a great film that is both timeless and perfectly grounded in contemporary history. Is it for everyone? Probably. Here areContinue reading “The Social Network: Three things you should know – and one you shouldn’t – before you go”

Mickey Mouse and the Future of Newspapers

When my uncle, my dad and I get together we invariably talk about the future of journalism. I worked as a newspaper journalist for one decade; my father and uncle combine at close to a century in the newspaper business. Recently we were discussing upcoming changes at the Globe and Mail, which will further entrenchContinue reading “Mickey Mouse and the Future of Newspapers”

My CluetrainPlus10 post: Thesis #3

This post is my contribution to the ClutrainPlus10 project, in which 95 bloggers are commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the Cluetrain Manifesto by reflecting on the 95 theses of this seminal social media marketing work. Thesis #3: Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice. A lot has changed inContinue reading “My CluetrainPlus10 post: Thesis #3”

CluetrainPlus10 is here!

It’s  April 28 in Europe and the first blog post just went live in the #cluetrainplus10 project. It seems like forever ago (I was in a different job at the time) that I came up with a simple idea of celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Cluetrain Manefesto. 95 bloggers writing 95 posts on theContinue reading “CluetrainPlus10 is here!”

Cluetrain Plus 10 Project Needs You!

The date is set. On Tuesday, April 28, 95 bloggers from around the world will commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Cluetrain Manifesto. Cluetrain author Christopher Locke has signed up for the project, as have several high profile bloggers including Chris Brogan, Mitch Joel and Shel Holtz. But there’s room for more. To sign upContinue reading “Cluetrain Plus 10 Project Needs You!”

cluetrain plus 10: 95 bloggers. 95 theses. one day in april.

One day in April. 95 posts on 95 blogs on the 95 theses in the cluetrain manifesto. A few weeks ago I wrote about plans to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the cluetrain manifesto with a series of posts on my blog. But the interest from that post led to a better idea. Let’s getContinue reading “cluetrain plus 10: 95 bloggers. 95 theses. one day in april.”

Lifecasting vs. Mindcasting on Twitter

I don’t know how many times of I’ve had this conversation: ME: Are you on Twitter? THEM: No. I’m just n0t really interested that some guy I follow is having a tuna sandwich for lunch. I’ve heard similar comments on podcasts like TWiT and Gillmor Gang from people who are widely viewed as celebrities inContinue reading “Lifecasting vs. Mindcasting on Twitter”