More About Bryson’s Brain

I couldn’t be more proud of Unlocking Bryson’s Brain, my new CBC podcast about my son Bryson, his rare disease and our family’s search for a cure. The first two episodes are now available and I can’t wait for you to hear them! Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, including: Apple Podcasts: Listen here  Spotify: Listen here Google Podcasts: ListenContinue reading “More About Bryson’s Brain”

My Instruction Manual: Why Happiness is impossible Without Growth

I’m focusing my efforts on a new blog called My Instruction Manual. I’ve posted there every day for the past 16 days, so if you want to see what I’ve been up to, please follow me there. Occasionally, I’ll share a post here. I published this a little while back on My Instruction Manual. Enjoy!Continue reading “My Instruction Manual: Why Happiness is impossible Without Growth”

Yes, the world needs another blog

Here on, I haven’t exactly been prolific. In fact, I’ve published just six posts since 2011. But today I launched a new blog where I’m planning to post several times a week. This new blog — — will chronicle my attempts to live my life to the fullest, to be happier, healthier andContinue reading “Yes, the world needs another blog”

Muhammad Ali: Redemption arc with a twist

When Muhammad Ali died last month, the world mourned a saint who fought beautifully in the ring and sacrificed himself outside of it to stand up against inequality and unjust wars. And that’s part of who Ali was. But that’s not all he was. Muhammad Ali was a controversial figure, and to smooth out hisContinue reading “Muhammad Ali: Redemption arc with a twist”

CEOs shouldn’t do customer service. Here’s why.

Having trouble getting a customer service challenge resolved? Here’s a fail-safe solution: Email the president. Late last year, I placed a large order from a Montreal-based retail chain that recently expanded to Toronto. Their wood furniture was beautiful and so was the in-store experience. But while the brand promise was great, the customer service wasContinue reading “CEOs shouldn’t do customer service. Here’s why.”

We Have a diagnosis: GRIN1

Laura took a deep breath and mustered up the courage to call the neurology clinic. Families of sick children were supposed to wait patiently. The clinic nurse had made this clear eight weeks earlier when Laura first called to check up on Bryson’s lab results.  But parents quickly learn that it pays to be pushy. AndContinue reading “We Have a diagnosis: GRIN1”

The road to social media hell is paved with good intentions

A few years back, my colleagues in the marketing department wanted to honour Canada’s veterans on November 11. They developed a Facebook image of a poppy floating over the company’s branding. While some of our social media followers appreciated the sentiment, others were angry at what they saw as a blatant attempt to brand aContinue reading “The road to social media hell is paved with good intentions”

Baseball and Belonging

My son Bryson and I were among the tens of thousands who congregated on Front Street after game five of the Blue Jays -Rangers division series. It was undoubtedly one of the best moments of my life. Walking back to the parking lot, we couldn’t move more than a few steps without someone coming upContinue reading “Baseball and Belonging”

What Mayor Ford should say

This afternoon, Mayor Rob Ford will address reports about his use of drugs and alcohol, his association with alleged criminals and a video that appears to show him smoking from a crack pipe. Here’s what he should say: For the past few months questions about my personal conduct have overshadowed the important business of Toronto.Continue reading “What Mayor Ford should say”

Race Report: Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon

I’ve been running off and on for almost 15 years. I’ve run a bunch of 5km and 10km races over the years, and even ran a half marathon about eight years ago. But with work and family responsibilities, my off-and-on running had become mostly off. My bathroom scale reminded me of this fact when IContinue reading “Race Report: Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon”