About Me

We’re defined by our experiences.

Let me tell you about two that defined me.

FIRST. In 2006, my wife Laura and me were blessed with a second child, a baby boy named Bryson. Within weeks doctors confirmed our worst fears. Bryson wasn’t developing the typical way. It took us nearly a decade but in 2015, we got a diagnosis that Bryson has a rare genetic condition known as GRIN Disorder. After speaking with scientists I decided to set the rest of my life on hold to try to pursue a cure. Now I co-lead CureGRIN Foundation and developed a podcast with the CBC called Unlocking Bryson’s Brain. It tells the story of Bryson, his rare disease and our family’s search for a cure.

Me and my son Bryson.

THEN. In 2015, doctors told me that my kidneys were failing. If I didn’t get dialysis or a transplant soon I would die. I’m forever grateful that my little sister Stephanie decided to donate a kidney to save me. Being blessed with this second chance at life made me want to live it better. I launched the My Instruction Manual blog, podcast and book series to learn from experts and help others on a similar journey.

This is me with my sister Stephanie a couple of days after she donated one of her kidneys to give me a second chance at life.
This is me with my sister Stephanie a couple of days after she donated one of her kidneys to give me a second chance at life.

I do other stuff too…

I love speaking to groups about topics related to living your best life and our journey to find a cure for Bryson.

I’ve written sports books about the Toronto Blue Jays and Muhammad Ali.

I worked as Vice President of social media at Rogers Communications, a diversified Canadian communications and media company.

I created and led com.motion, the social media marketing division of Veritas Communications. In that role I provided social media counsel to leading brands including Staples, Subway, NutriSystem and Canada Dry.

I worked as a journalist for 10 years working for the Winnipeg Free Press and the Globe and Mail. While transportation reporter for the Globe and Mail, I wrote Air Monopoly, which was a finalist for the 2004 National Business Book Award. Later, as the Globe and Mail’s marketing reporter, I covered the infancy of social media marketing as businesses first grappled with blogs, YouTube and Facebook. I was the first Globe reporter to report by podcast and one of the first to write a blog.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Keith

    I admire and deeply respect your Fathers Day Pledge.
    As a Dad myself you certainly touched my heart.

    Please keep telling your families story.
    Many of need to keep hearing it.

    Wishing you peace, patience and prosperity.



  2. Keith i am the grandfather of a 6 month old who was diagnosed with GRIN1 don’t believe that there is only a few in the world in Canada’s alone there are over 24 children and over 34 in the states. My daughter in law is going to Toronto in July 2018 where their is a Family community meeting with parents who have children who have been diagnosed with GRIN1. There is a doctor who i understand will be lecturing about the disease, In Vancouver BC there is a family who communicates with my Daughter in law re her sons GRIN1 disorder and they are on the phone with suggestions. Oh yes my daughter in law and son live in the Vancouver area as well.

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