About Me

We’re defined by our experiences.

Let me tell you about two that defined me.

FIRST. In 2006, my wife Laura and me were blessed with a second child, a baby boy named Bryson. Within weeks doctors confirmed our worst fears. Bryson wasn’t developing the typical way. It took us nearly a decade but in 2015, we got a diagnosis that Bryson has a rare genetic condition known as GRIN Disorder. After speaking with scientists I decided to set the rest of my life on hold to try to pursue a cure. Now I co-lead CureGRIN Foundation and developed a podcast with the CBC called Unlocking Bryson’s Brain. It tells the story of Bryson, his rare disease and our family’s search for a cure.

Me and my son Bryson.

THEN. In 2015, doctors told me that my kidneys were failing. If I didn’t get dialysis or a transplant soon I would die. I’m forever grateful that my little sister Stephanie decided to donate a kidney to save me. Being blessed with this second chance at life made me want to live it better. I launched the My Instruction Manual blog, podcast and book series to learn from experts and help others on a similar journey.

This is me with my sister Stephanie a couple of days after she donated one of her kidneys to give me a second chance at life.
This is me with my sister Stephanie a couple of days after she donated one of her kidneys to give me a second chance at life.

I do other stuff too…

I love speaking to groups about topics related to living your best life and our journey to find a cure for Bryson.

I’ve written sports books about the Toronto Blue Jays and Muhammad Ali.

I worked as Vice President of social media at Rogers Communications, a diversified Canadian communications and media company.

I created and led com.motion, the social media marketing division of Veritas Communications. In that role I provided social media counsel to leading brands including Staples, Subway, NutriSystem and Canada Dry.

I worked as a journalist for 10 years working for the Winnipeg Free Press and the Globe and Mail. While transportation reporter for the Globe and Mail, I wrote Air Monopoly, which was a finalist for the 2004 National Business Book Award. Later, as the Globe and Mail’s marketing reporter, I covered the infancy of social media marketing as businesses first grappled with blogs, YouTube and Facebook. I was the first Globe reporter to report by podcast and one of the first to write a blog.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello Keith

    I admire and deeply respect your Fathers Day Pledge.
    As a Dad myself you certainly touched my heart.

    Please keep telling your families story.
    Many of need to keep hearing it.

    Wishing you peace, patience and prosperity.



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