Has the orderly Web replaced the chaotic one?

Was 2010 the year the web grew up?

In today’s Globe and Mail, Ivor Tossell writes (link not available) that — WikiLeaks, ChatRoulette and Anonymous DDoS attacks notwithstanding — this will be remembered as the year when order finally trumped chaos on the Web.

Yes, the world was enthralled with Chatroulette in March but had abandoned it by April to return to Facebook and other more orderly social realms. The Denial of Service attacks didn’t work quite as well as we expected they might. And many of us who formerly loved Torrents and LimeWire and once believed that nothing digital should have a price now happily pay for music, movies and apps from iTunes because it’s simpler, safer and saves time.

Tossell writes:

2010 was a year in which the anarchic Internet of yore gave a few mighty trumpets only to be abandoned by a stampede in the opposite direction. … We have seen the future and it has a “Like” button.

For those of us that grew up digital, the powerful truth that all information longed to be free was encoded in our DNA. In 2010, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have at least raised doubts about this myth.

What do you think? Did the orderly Web replace the chaotic one in 2010?

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I'm a dad, writer, husband, publisher, kidney transplant recipient, brother, friend, ex-journalist, ex-PR guy, ex-business executive, learning to become happier, healthier and more productive.

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