Scandal 2.0 Rocks Aussie Liberals

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Scandal 2.0 Rocks Aussie Liberals

Here’s a bad idea: Team up with one of your co-workers to create a blog which completely and utterly discredits your boss. But that’s exactly what two Liberal campaign staffers did in Australia.

John Osborn and Simon Morgan, paid employees of the Liberal Party, created the blog Ted Baillieu Most Go. The site attacked the Party leader in Victoria, the Australian province that incorporates Melbourne. Not surprisingly, the pair were fired for their lack of loyalty.

They clearly messed up and paid the price. But the real FUMBLE goes to the Liberal Party itself. As Gerry McCusker writes on the PR Disasters blog, the scandal suggests that the Liberal Party was engaged in little or no online monitoring. The blog was created late last year, but it wasn’t until last month that the party figured out who was responsible. McCusker calls it a “complete lack of Liberal e-savvy.”

We tend to agree. The conversations going on about your brand or organization can’t be ignored. Veritas provides Online Reputation Management services and we can help you listen, understand and react to the conversations that are taking place. These conversations can help you improve your products or customer service. They can also alert you to crises of brand confidence before they reach the tipping point. Blogs matter. Smart marketers ignore them at their peril.

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