David Jones from Hill & Knowlton has tagged me in the “8 things you didn’t know about me” meme.

Here I go:

  • My 2004 book, Air Monopoly, is on sale at a deep (34%) discount at Chapters.
  • At Jarvis Collegiate Institute, I acted in an improv comedy group called “the Scary, Scary Monkey Improv Society.” Actress Mia Kirshner was also in the group. She was ranked No. 43 on the Maxim Hot Women list of 2002.
  • In my reporter days, I interviewed Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and Paul Martin but never Stephen Harper.
  • Last summer I played in a fantasy baseball league for the first time. I can’t wait for the 2008 season.
  • I got my first computer, a Vic 20, when I was eight. If memory serves correct, it sold for $399 (Canadian) and had 5 kilobytes of ram.
  • At Queen’s University, I was president of the Alma Mater Society, the central student government. My proudest moment was persuading the university’s board to remove the clause in the university’s constitution which referred to Queen’s as a “Christian” institution. We did this in the name of inclusiveness.
  • While I pretend to be exotic in my travel tastes, I really, really enjoy the artificiality of places like cruise ships, Vegas and Disney World. Especially Disney World.
  • I met my wife Laura doing Model Parliament in Ottawa. We went back a couple years later and I proposed to her at the eternal flame. We’re celebrating 10 years next September.

So who to tag next: Mathew Ingram, Nick O’Neill, Richard Bloom, Joe Thornley, David Alston, Chris Marritt, Rachel Clarke and Jason Theodor.