It’s that time of year. Here are my five Social Media New Year’s Resolutions for 2008:

1) Master Twitter. I tried Twitter several months ago, but didn’t get much out of it. But everybody is still talking about it (everybody, at least, in the social media marketing bubble). Maybe I wasn’t using it right. Used properly, they say, it’s more than a “What am I doing tool” and more of a “What am I thinking” tool with great potential for business networking and personal branding. Jaiku is said to be the better microblogging tool, but Twitter is where the people are, and in this world, the size of the social graph is most of what counts.

2) Live a Second Life. With a new job, a social media practice to build and two small kids, I haven’t found the time needed to invest in Second Life. But I know I need to spend some time there. Second Life is no longer quite as “hot” as it was a year or so ago. (More than one person has quipped that the fact that Canada Post is now there means the Second Life phenomenon is over). But virtual worlds are here to stay, and hugely relevant for marketers. If Second Life isn’t the killer world, somebody will come along and invent a better one.

3) Communitize. I know that’s not a word. But in addition to writing my own blog, I will be more active in commenting on other blogs and podcasts.

4) Get Veritas more plugged in. Most of my Veritas colleagues are on Facebook. A few are regulars at Third Tuesday gatherings. Most of them read blogs and some of them even write them. But I’d like to help my colleagues get more tapped into the social media tools that have made me smarter and more productive in this new world. Tools like Google Reader and And if I master Twitter, maybe they will too.

5) Get myself less plugged in. The future of social networking isn’t on computers, but on wireless devices. I need to use these tools less often on my laptop and more often on my Blackberry.

So those are mine. What am I missing? And more importantly, what are your Social Media resolutions?