Marg Delahunty confronts bigtime ad execs on YouTube

When I covered the airline industry at the Globe and Mail, I got to write about some great characters, including Robert Milton, Clive Beddoe, Mark Hill, Michel Leblanc and Angus Kinnear. But that was nothing compared to the characters I encountered when I moved over to covering the advertising business.

One of the biggest personalities in Canadian advertising is Geoffrey Roche, chief creative officer at Lowe Roche in Toronto.

Check-out what happens in this video when Marg Delahunty confronts Geoffrey on behalf of OXFAM.

Oxfam has produced similar videos with other personalities including Glen Hunt (the man behind Molson’s famous “My Name is Joe and I am Canadian” spot and Nancy Vonk (one of the creative directors behind the team that created the Dove Evolution spot.

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