Keith McArthur

Author. Podcaster. Speaker. Rare Disease Dad.

I wake up every day with a single focus. To find cures and therapies for people living with GRIN Disorder.

Unlocking Bryson’s Brain. A CBC podast about Bryson and our search for a cure. Listen.

Speaking. I love sharing my story. I speak about about personal development and rare disease parenting. Contact me.

Blog. My personal blog, where I write about rare disease parenting and much more. Read.

My books. I’ve written books about personal development, sports and more. Available in print, ebook or audiobook. Learn More.

CureGRIN. Learn more about GRIN Disorder and help us to find a cure. Visit.

My Instruction Manual. I host a podcast that features interviews with bestselling self-help authors including Gretchen Rubin, Rick Hanson and more! Listen.